What to Expect

When you come to visit our church, we will do our best to make you feel welcome.  We want to provide you with some information before you come so that you will feel even more comfortable visiting and worshiping with us.

What should I wear? We do not have a dress code! People wear everything from blue jeans to suit and tie.  The bottom line: we will not judge you by your clothes.

What about my kids? Children and babies of all ages are welcome to join us for worship in the sanctuary.  While they are welcome, we do provide nursery and child care during the morning worship service for children up through the 4th birthday.  Children 4 and older get to sit with their parents and worship together.

What type of music?  Our musical selections are more traditional than contemporary.  We are not "high church;" we mostly sing simple hymns accompanied by piano and organ.

What type of sermon?  Adam preaches expository sermons.  That means that he reads a passage from the Bible, explains what it means, and helps you see how to apply it to your life.  Click here to listen to one of our Sunday morning sermons.  Adam sincerely tries to talk to people rather than preach at them.  So his style has been described as more like teaching than preaching at times.  Go to the Sermon archive and browse around.

How long is the service?  The service is almost always finished by 12:00.  A few minutes under or over never hurt anyone, and we hope you won't worry too much about that!

Are you going to single me out?  We will probably ask you to fill out a visitor card during our greeting time, but we will never single you out for special attention during the service.  We want you to feel like you are a part of our gathering.