How to Share Your Faith Without Fear, Part 1

How to Share Your Faith Without Fear, Part 1

This is How to Share Your Faith Without Fear, Part 1. Ready to share your faith in Jesus?  Afraid you don't know how to share your faith?  Fear is the biggest barrier that stops you when you try to share your faith with others.  William Fay has written a great book called Share Jesus Without Fear.  This series of posts is a summary of his approach you can use when you share your faith that Adam shared with the church Sunday night.  We will also be receiving soon a shipment of the Share Jesus Without Fear New Testament for our members to use when sharing their faith.

The first step is to ask the person you want to share with questions to see where God is working in their lives.

Step One

Use Questions That Determine Where God is Working

Do not argue or respond to any of their answers.  Just listen and acknowledge their answer.

  1. Do you have any kind of spiritual belief?
  2. To you, who is Jesus?
  3. Do you believe there is a heaven and a hell?
  4. If you died right now, where would you go? If heaven, why?
  5. If what you believe is wrong, would you want to know it?  If yes, open Bible and proceed to Step 2.

It is especially important to share with them if they answer that they are going to heaven because they are a good person or because of their good works. The Scriptures you will share prove that salvation is a gift of God, not the result of human goodness.

If from asking these questions you determine that the person is not prepared to hear the Gospel, pray for them and move on.  Do not argue with them.  This could damage a relationship that may prove helpful in showing them the power of your Christian testimony later on.

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