Joining Our Church

As a Baptist church, we believe that the church consists of baptized believers.  A "baptized believer" is someone who was immersed (dipped) in the water in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit after they experienced conversion (that is, professed their faith in Christ).

We accept members, then, on these conditions:

1) Profession of faith and the baptism that follows.  Find out more about what this means here.

2) Letter of recommendation from another church stating that the person has been scripturally baptized (immersed following profession of faith)

3) Statement of the person (in lieu of letter if one cannot be obtained) that they have been scripturally baptized.

If someone is a believer but has not been baptized (as we define baptism), they would need to be baptized to become a member.  This applies to people who were sprinkled as infants in another church.

When you join, there are a few things that are expected of you:

1) Above all else, that you will commit your life to becoming a better disciple of Jesus through regular prayer and Bible study

2) That you will attend all church services unless you simply cannot

3) That you will subscribe to our confession of faith and seek to understand it

4) That you will regularly give your tithes and offerings to support the church's ministry

5) That you will find ways to serve God and neighbor by becoming active in the ministries of the church

Click here to download a copy of our Constitution and Bylaws.