Become a Christian

To become a Christian is not like joining a club.  It is a radically life-changing decision to trust Jesus to save you from the punishment that you deserve for the wrong things you do.

Please read this explanation of what the Bible teaches about why you need Jesus to save you and trust in him to become a Christian!  If you decide to follow Jesus in this way, please let us know by sending an e-mail to

become a christian

God's plan of salvation through Jesus creates a bridge between us and God.

The good God.  God created everything, including you.  God made you able to understand that there is a God and that you should worship and love him.  When you become a Christian, you will love God.  But before you become a Christian, everything you want is against God.

Mankind's rebellion.  Sadly, we all rebel against him and fail to meet his perfect standard.  This rebellion against God is called sin.  Sin destroys by bringing God's punishment.  Because God is so good and he cannot do wrong, he is not able to allow our sin to go unpunished.  In fact, if God does not forgive our sins we are subject to eternal punishment in Hell.

God's plan to save us.  Fortunately, God loved us so much that he made a way for us to be right with him.  His plan was to become a man and live the perfect sinless life that we cannot live.  This man is named Jesus, and he is both God and man.  Even though Jesus was perfect, in his wisdom and mercy God allowed him to suffer and die to pay the penalty for our sins.  Since Jesus was perfect, he did not have to be punished for his own sins.  So both through his perfect life and his atoning death, Jesus paved the way for us to come to God.

The proof.  God in his mercy gave us the chance to receive Jesus' goodness in the place of our sinfulness, even as Jesus took on our sinfulness in place of his goodness.  The proof that he had done this is that Jesus came back to life three days after he died!  God raised him from the dead to show that Jesus was the Son of God.  It was also to show that Jesus had defeated death.  Jesus later went back into heaven and will return to the earth at some time to judge everyone based on one thing: whether or not they surrendered to his lordship in their life.  So you see, to become a Christian means to surrender your life to Christ.

What must I do?  Every person must accept Jesus as their savior voluntarily to become a Christian.  First, you must trust in him alone for salvation.  Then, you must turn away from your sinful ways and turn to him.  Everyone who turns away from their sin, confesses that Jesus is Lord, and believes that God raised him from the dead is saved from God's punishment for sin.  If you trust in Jesus today, you will have eternal life with him.

What next?  Living with Jesus is much more than making a one-time decision.  If you become a Christian, it will show in every part of your life.  Please e-mail to let us know about your decision to follow Jesus! We would be glad to provide further guidance on your next steps.